Working with people from different countries | by Joseph

Working with people from different countries | by Joseph
13th February 2017

My name is Mugole Joseph: social scientist, aged 27 years and community mobilizer volunteering for Women in Leadership – Uganda (WIL-Uganda). I am fortunate enough to always work in an environment with colleagues representing many different countries or nationalities. I would like to share some of the great things that I have observed from working with people from a diverse mix of countries.

  • The close team working culture at WIL Uganda means that the opportunities to experience the benefits of working in a multinational and a multicultural environment are particularly prevalent.
  • It increases my value to employers
    The fact is that, if you have international experience, you are more attractive to employers and more likely to be involved in interesting multicultural environments and expansion projects for your employer. It has typically given me a broader experience, working with people from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, especially working with people from different parts of the world. You get a chance to learn different cultures and perspectives as you experience diversity over time.
  • Insights and creativity thrive
    I am not a psychologist, but I do have a keen interest in behavioral psychology. There are countless studies proving that creativity and new insights thrive in environments where people have different ideas and perspectives. If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got. Working with diverse people gets the creative juice flowing and opens the mind to new ideas.
  • Exposure to other languages
    Learning languages is time consuming and challenging, and your level can drop quickly if you don’t practice. Whether I’m picking up a few words of Russian or Indian for the first time, or practicing French to maintain my level, working around people speaking other languages is great. It gives a much greater depth of understanding of culture, which is useful in- and outside work.
  • Plenty of holiday destination ideas, contacts & advice
    The best holidays are those where I either have a local guide, or benefit from the knowledge and recommendations of a local before going. One of the best things about working with people from different countries is never-ending suggestions for holiday destinations. Also, the amazing restaurants and beaches that they recommend that are way off the usual tourist path!
  • It gives me the experience to move internationally
    Most people I meet have a plan at some point in their life to move and work in another country. Since I have already worked in a multinational and multicultural environment, it gives me the experience, credibility and confidence to make moves. I look forward to traveling the world in the future and meeting up with various friends and colleagues that I have met along the way and even the ones I am hoping to meet in the future.

Seize the changes. If you have the desire or opportunity to work with an international organization, seize it, it can open up the world for you in more ways than you think!

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