WIL Uganda from beginning to future | by Zai

WIL Uganda from beginning to future | by Zai
27th March 2017

Written by Zai, WIL Uganda’s office manager

Women In Leadership, WIL Uganda, is a registered non-governmental organisation which aims at empowering both girls and women. It was founded and started its operations on 03/08/2014. It has various projects that aim to fulfill its mission of empowering both women and girls. Some of these projects are carried out in schools and others in out of school communities.

The organisation had a very humble start: we had no office space, it was operated as a community based organisation, our team was small and it consisted of only five national volunteers and one international volunteer who is the director.

The first year with WIL Uganda

The beginning was not completely easy for me. I had to move from Jinja to Busembatia, a village I had never been to before. Whilst in the village, I taught adult literacy learners every Sunday afternoon between 2pm and 5pm. On other days, Wednesday and Thursday, I was running the Leadership programme at Townside High School. This was my weekly routine schedule.

After a while, we got some office space and this was one of our greatest achievements in a very short time. After a year, due to our good combined effort and its effect on the community, we were recommended to be an NGO. We achieved the certificate of operation and permit from the NGO board in Uganda. These allow us to operate countrywide. This was a great achievement on my side, since I directly contributed to it.

“The WIL Uganda family is now big!”

We are now fully registered and operating in more than one community. The numbers of volunteers, both national and international, have increased. This came as a result of more recruitment of international interns in our second year. The WIL Uganda family is now big!

We moved to a new and bigger office, which allows us to host a small library and invite community members to come in. I was promoted from programme facilitator to office manager. This involves tasks like financial planning, monthly reporting and overall keeping an eye on how everything is going. A combination of my experience as a team leader before, and training by our director, gave me supervising skills that I now use everyday.

Not just the organisation has grown. So have the classes and number of participants! At first, my classes used to be small in number. As a result of the Rights and Advocacy project though, more awareness about the programmes has been raised. This increases the numbers in my literacy class, too.

Thoughts for the future

I think the organisation has a lot of potential. In the past years we have already made big improvements with little funding. In the future, we can establish more programmes, raise more funding, do more outreaches and maybe even open an extra office to work in other parts of the country. The greater vision I focus on is of course creating a more gender equal society through our various projects. We all want to contribute to that, and that is most important.

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