Who we are

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WIL Uganda is a registered NGO in Uganda empowering women and girls in eastern Uganda in a rural town called Busembatia.


WIL Uganda was founded as a CBO in June 2014 by Cianne Jones, a Family Lawyer and Gender Equality Advocate, after her experience of volunteering in Uganda. In December 2015 WIL Uganda became a registered NGO in Uganda.


The WIL Uganda team are all former volunteers and have direct experience of working on the ground in Uganda. The team is made up of British and Uganda volunteers led by the Project Director and Founder, Cianne Jones.

What is the problem?

In Uganda due to cultural norms, particularly in a rural setting, some parents feel that it’s a waste of time and money to educate girls. These girls contribute to the 31 million girls who are still out of school around the world. Many girls in developing countries are still shut out of school, which denies them their fundamental right to education.


Related to this, in terms of literacy women represent nearly two thirds of the world’s illiterate.


We conducted a needs assessment with the women and girls of Busembatia in Iganga District, Eastern Uganda. Through this, we learned that many young girls in the community drop out of school due to teenage pregnancy, early marriage and family pressure. Women and girls who had dropped out of school then found it hard to support themselves and their family and were lacking basic literacy skills.  We designed a series of programmes to address these issues. Visit our in school projects and our community projects pages for more information about these programmes.


According to UNICEF, more educated women tend to be healthier, work and earn more income, have fewer children, and provide better health care and education to their children.


Girls’ education literally saves millions of lives.


The work we do has been designed by and focuses on women and girls in Uganda. Our work is needs based and came from us working from grass roots, directly engaging women and girls in the programme making process.


We believe that it is the knowledge of ones rights coupled with practical skills that will enable women and girls to actively participate in their communities, and provide a platform to discuss the challenges that they are facing.


Our work is sustainable and directly addresses the community needs, which we believe makes us unique!


Our programmes collectively address the challenges that women and girls are facing on the ground in Uganda.


With our intervention more women and girls will be empowered and will be in a position to contribute to equitable development in the region.

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