Teen Voices: International Women’s Day flashback

Teen Voices: International Women’s Day flashback
18th July 2017

Every year, WIL Uganda celebrates International Women’s Day on 8 March. We invite women and girls from the community and our programmes to celebrate with us, promoting women’s empowerment. In this article Rebecca (part of our Teen Voices programme) shares her view on this festive day.

In every year all Ugandan’s and the world at large remember and celebrate this day. The reason as to why they celebrate is that women are the owner of this country, so, because of this, the President of Uganda Museveni Kagauta Yowert decided to give the women opportunity to have recognition in the country and world at large. Every woman is celebrated, and everybody is in interested in the day.

So many women are now members of parliament – ministers – and they always support this day because they have it as their pride from the government. Its good because it helps the younger girls know their rights, makes people aware about what women go through.

“The celebration of this day promotes equality in the country”

When Uganda joins the whole world in celebrating this day, states like Britain, USA and others can give financial assistance to Uganda. This can help Uganda to construct good roads, hospitals and school hence contributing to the economic development of the country.

The celebration of this day promotes equality in the country. This gives a good picture of the country and it promotes democracy because discrimination according to sex can no longer be witnessed and more in the country. Conclusively, the celebration of [International] Women’s Day on every 8th March contributes to the development of the economy as seen above.

As I am Rebecca, I can’t forget my women in the world. Let us celebrate this day because it is the only day for women in the world. And it is good to celebrate it in this country like Uganda. The Women’s day celebration from WIL Uganda – Women in Leadership was a wonderful day, because there was music and food and football. There were even a few women in their Gomez playing football!

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