Rehmar, 15: “There is nothing a man has that a woman does not have”

Rehmar, 15: “There is nothing a man has that a woman does not have”
1st March 2017

Rehmar is a 15-year-old student at Townside High School. She loves to eat rice, and her favourite subject is English. Rehmar is a passionate advocate for education, and she is a current member of the Teen Voices Programme. Articles are published online at this website. Rehmars advice to other girls would be to “take education as a serious thing”.

“School helps me to know and understand more about the world.”

Rehmar loves going to school. She likes to learn and explore things she doesn’t know about. Rehmar wants to be a doctor, and she aims to achieve this by reading sciences and concentrating on her studies. School is very important to her as she believes that, were she not studying, there would be no good future for her, and she would end up getting married at a young age. This is an all too common problem in Uganda; 40% of girls under the age of 18 are married, and consequently many of them drop out of school.

“[My community could improve] by educating people.”

Rehmar believes that if the whole community is educated then there would be easy access to everything. If people are not educated, then they can’t earn enough money to send their children to school. WIL Uganda empowers women in the community by educating them in literacy and teaching them skills that will generate an income, such as the Crafts programme.

“There is injustice in this world.”

If Rehmar were President for a day she would spend it helping people. She would eradicate all the injustice that happens to women, and would help the young girls who are being forced to get married at early ages. Also, Rehmar would encourage parents who are uneducated to understand the importance of education for their children and themselves.

“There is nothing a man has that a woman does not have.”

Boys are bright, but girls are also, sometimes brighter than them, says Rehmar. In a class, it is often the case that a girl is leading and being the best in class. For Rehmar, there is no doubt that women can be great leaders. She greatly admires her mother, who she says is bright, well educated, and very caring. To Rehmar, her mother demonstrates how a woman can be a good mother and a good leader simultaneously. The Teen Voices programme run by WIL Uganda encourages female students to become leaders in their community, by teaching them about gender equality and sharing their voices through articles distributed around the world.

Case study by Poppy Stanbury

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