Reflection on Adult Learners Self Introducing

Reflection on Adult Learners Self Introducing
10th May 2018

Photo of a student in the Adult Literacy programme, Irene Namuganza, introducing herself in English


A few weeks ago the Adult Literacy programme had a session focusing on self-introductions. In this session with Adult Learners on April 8th I realized the capacity of the learners to introduce themselves in English and to “own” a platform.


People came forward and explained things about their lives and we learnt more about them. When the exercise went on in class, one student, Irene Namuganza, firmly introduced herself. She stated she is a housewife married to a gospel preacher and secondary school teacher at Numutumba Secondary School and so on.


Her body language told it all, how confident she was on the platform. She told the class that she is a mother of six, some of whom had completed ordinary level of secondary education. The art of body language was really developed for Irene. She chose a good diction in her expression. She only needed correction in sentence construction here and there, which is great progress for her compared to where she was at the start of her time in the programme.


I hope if Adult Learners concentrate on the Literacy programme, they will be empowered even more so to express themselves very well in public. When the women concentrate and keep coming they have a better chance of achieving their goals and better for us to help empower. They can stand and address the public in meetings, gatherings, clubs, and even in local politics. This is a springboard for the women to become leaders in the community and stand on their platform and speak up and convince people of new ideas.


I would love to have more volunteers and interns to come join facilitate the Adult Literacy programme with me as classes get larger and more support is needed to help encourage and empower these women to develop their capacities.


By: Vincent Zinunula

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