Our Impact

Women empowered to take on local leadership positions

Read the stories of some of our WIL inspired female leaders.

Name: Apio, Angela
Age: 40
Village: Bumoga
Position achieved: Chairperson of Women’s Council, Bumoga Village 

Details: Angela became a Chairperson in 2018 in the general elections of Uganda. She was a participant of the WIL Uganda Adult Literacy Programme. When Angela began our programme in 2015 she didn’t know how to read or write but she gained the skills and confidence that made her able to stand for the position of local Chairperson. She continues to attend Adult Literacy because she says she needs more skills.

Name: Nakirya, Sumaya
Age: 33
Village: Bumoga
Position achieved: Secretary of Publicity for the Women’s Council, Bumoga Village

Details: Sumaya became the Secretary of Publicity in 2018. She also began to attend the Adult Literacy Programme in 2015 but had only a very basic knowledge of literacy. She has improved her reading and writing skills a lot since beginning the programme. Sumaya is also a continued participant of the programme and aspires to gain better positions in her community once she has more skills.

Name: Nabirye, Safina
Age: 38
Village: Bubonye
Position achieved: Secretary of Publicity for the Women’s Council, Bubonye Village; Parish level: Majengo Parish; Sub-County level: Busembatia Town Council

Details: Safina started with the Adult Literacy Programme in 2016 and she completed her objectives of attending Adult Literacy in 2018 (on IWD). She achieved good skills in leadership and confidence. She knew how to read and write when she began but her level has improved a lot since attending. She has also been mobilising people for community workshops for both government and non-government organisations. Safina said she might return to the programme as she feels like there are some areas that she needs to improve.

Name: Mutesi, Betty
Age: 36
Village: Bulugodha
Position achieved: Chief Whip and Cultural Leader in Busoga Kingdom

Details: Betty started attending Adult Literacy in 2014. Before beginning the programme she had a limited knowledge of reading and writing. Betty has attended the programme since 2014 that has equipped her with the skills that made her the head student of the Adult Literacy class and also gained confidence that made her able to stand for the position of Chief Whip in Menha Chiefdom under the Kingdom of Busoga. She has been a member all WIL Uganda community programmes – Adult Literacy, Crafts, Rights and Advocacy, Tech4Girls and My Body My Rights. Betty continues to attend Adult Literacy. Betty says she is aiming to become an influential leader, not only for her community but nationwide.

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